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Sustainable solutions in energy and environment

Thermax Ltd is 800 million USD company, providing a range of engineering solutions to the energy and environment sectors.

The company is headquartered in Pune, India and operates globally through 19 international offices, 12 sales & service offices and four manufacturing facilities - three of which are in India and one in China.

Thermax's network spans 75 countries across Asia Pacific, Africa and the Middle East, CIS countries, Europe, USA and South America.

The company currently has technology tie-ups with: Babcock & Wilcox (USA), Kawasaki Thermal Engineering (Japan), Balcke-Dürr (Germany), Eco-Tech (Canada) and Georgia Pacific (USA).

Thermax Europe Ltd

The company's European subsidiary is actively engaged in offering solutions in heating and cooling, using absorption technology and boilers. Besides this, Thermax also provides ion exchange resins, for water and process applications.

Tuning to the needs of the day, all Thermax solutions are innovative, energy-efficient, environment-friendly and easy to operate.

Our Services

After-sales support through a wide network of service outlets.

Start up services for absorption chillers and heat pumps.

Maintenance contracts, handling repairs & providing spare parts and Lithium Bromide analysis.