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Heat Pump

Reducing energy intensity and pollutants

Thermax absorption systems are essential equipment In several Scandinavian district heating and cooling installations.

Thermax absorption heat pumps and chillers are used in projects for district space heating and cooling in Scandinavian countries, Denmark and Sweden. These projects use an array of heating and cooling technologies - waste to energy plants, heat pumps for recovery of low grade exhaust gases and geothermal heat, absorption cooling, ammonia chillers, free cooling by using sea water, etc.

Thermax and its partners,have installed absorption heat pumps for several centralised heating projects -a reverse application of centralised cooling with absorption chillers. Hot water from a central generation facility is used for space heating in town buildings. The heating companies reduce the energy intensity at generating centres by tapping low grade heat from other sources like geothermal heat from sandstone aquifers or waste heat from town incinerators. Thermax heat pumps absorb heat from these sources and pre heat the water delivered to the buildings.

For district cooling, Thermax chillers also are deployed. Besides improving overall energy efficiency, in reducing the load on power stations, they bring down pollutants -sulphur dioxide, nitrogen oxide and particles.