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Steam Driven Chiller

High efficiency

Special tube material and other cycle innovations help to increase the COP considerably.

10 - 100% stepless modulation

For cooling loads ranging from 10% to 100% of the design capacity, a 2-port control valve automatically controls steam flow in order to maintain the temperature of chilled water leaving the chiller. This ensures better part load performances.

Auto de-crystallization

The chillers are installed with a unique auto de-crystallization circuit, to eliminate any chances of crystallization.

On-line purging

The factory mounted and tested purging unit consists of an electric motor driven purge pump, palladium cell, storage tank, necessary piping and valves. Any non condensable gas generated in the chiller during operation, is purged continuously into the storage tank, thereby maintaining low vacuum in the shell.

The gases stored in the tank can be purged periodically. Palladium cell purges hydrogen from the storage tank continuously thus reducing the requirement of running the purge pump.

Isolation valves for the pumps

Isolation valves provided on the pumps facilitate on-line pump maintenance, without breaking the vacuum in the chiller.

Corrosion inhibitor

Thermax uses the new generation Corrosion Inhibitor - Lithium molybdate which is an environment friendly inhibitor.

PLC controls

The chillers are provided with state of the art PLC based control panel with unique display, user friendly interface and data-logging.

  • Chiller mounted standby Solution and Refrigerant pumps
  • Invertors control on solution pump for improved part load performance.
  • Chiller mounted bearing monitoring for the pumps
  • Auto-purging
  • Special tube materials for the evaporator, absorber and condenser: The selection of tube material is done purely on the basis of the water quality available at the job site. Thermax can offer special tube materials like Copper-Nickel, stainless steel and Titanium.
  • Multi-sectional shipment arrangements: For convenience of shipping and rigging, absorption chillers can be shipped in two or more sections depending upon the site requirements. This is particularly beneficial for retrofit jobs.
  • Factory Performance Test: After assembly, the chillers can be individually tested for performance at the conditions specified by the customer.
  • PC connectivity: Through modem or web enabling, the chiller can be connected to the nearest Thermax service centre as well as the head office, from where the Thermax engineer can monitor the chiller performance.This results in an immediate response to the customer service call.
  • MMI-Supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) software makes it possible to display real time trends and set points to the host computer. This allows remote control of the Thermax chiller.
  • DCS/BAS/BMS Connectivity: With the help of RS232 port on the PLC, the panel can achieve connectivity to the client?s DCS/BAS/BMS. This connectivity can be done through proper protocol compatibility. This provides flexibility in the operation of the chiller without manual intervention.
  • BMS/DCS Connectivity:Thermax Chillers and Heat pumps come with MODBUS RTU connectivity for integration with BMS or DCS systems, which helps to monitor the performance of the machine from a remote location. Options of MODBUS, TCP/IP, BACNET, Ethernet or PROFIBUS/Profinet connectivity are also available. Thermax also offers remote connectivity systems for online monitoring/ trouble shooting.