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Solar Cooling

Eco-friendly cooling with absorption chillers

In Spain, solar powered absorption cooling is an emerging trend for buildings which fits in with regulations that encourage energy efficient practices. Thermax already has more than a dozen installations in Spain, including hotels and office buildings.

Thermax absorption chillers that operated with heat in place of electricity (steam, hot water, solar energy, waste or exhaust gases) are efficient options for sustainable cooling.Across Europe, Thermax's eco-friendly cooling solutions are finding new clients. As business responds to the grim reality of global warming, the demand for "green energy" is rising - via cogeneration, solar, fuel cells and biomass. Thermax Europe, the London-based subsidiary of Thermax, is finding exciting new applications for the company's eco-friendly absorption chillers.

A British retailer is using Thermax chillers in two of its stores in Wales and in Gloucester. The chillers work on hot water from the cogeneration units installed for decentralized power and they fit in with the organisation's green initiatives to limit and contain its carbon footprint.